Friday, February 6, 2009

Operation Love Reunited Information

The word is getting out about Operation: Love Reunited and we've been receiving an increased number of calls from military families wanting to take part in an OpLove session. That's awesome news! It's such a wonderful organization and I know that I can speak for all OpLove photographer volunteers, that it is our honor to photograph these sessions for our military.


As of this post, there are currently six local photographers who are volunteers for OpLove. Most of us run full-time studios so we can only accept a limited number of OpLove sessions a month. As soon as you think you may want an OpLove session for pre-deployment or mid-deployment, please contact our studio or any of the others for the greater Jacksonville area and we will accommodate you as soon as we are able to schedule you in. If there is a homecoming coming up soon, please call our studio or visit the OpLove website to find the other photographers in our area as soon as as you have finalized dates. Unfortunately, we need to accommodate our paying clients and it isn't possible if we're on a holding pattern for the span of a week. Having been a Navy wife myself, I know dates can change, so when you believe you have actual dates, please contact us!

Number of Sessions Per Year

Since OpLove is still gaining recognition, this may be something that many military families are not aware of.

OpLove only permits two sessions a year for each family - (1) session pre-deployment OR (1) session while deployed of family AND (1) Homecoming session when soldier returns from deployment, upon photographers availability. Using the same photographer for both types of sessions is not required.

If you have called and scheduled a pre-deployment or mid-deployment session with one OpLove photographer OR you have scheduled a homecoming session when the ship or squadron arrives, please don't also call the other photographers unless the photographer you first contacted is unable to accommodate you. We have found that some families have contacted two or more of the area OpLove photographers and we have all put you into our schedule.

Each session that we are contacted for, goes into a database at the time session is scheduled. Taking the time to sort through the confusion when multiple photographers are called means fewer families that can be accommodated. If one photographer commits to photographing your family or homecoming, then they have committed to it. The other photographers are then available to photograph these special moments for the other families. With this being such a huge military city, and a limited number of OpLove photographers, this is of great importance! So, please help us help as many families as possible by only scheduling with one photographer.

If you or your family are in pre-deployment, mid-deployment or have a homecoming in the near future, please contact our studio at 904-403-9553 for more information or visit the OpLove website for other OpLove photographers in our area.

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