Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayer Needed for My Father In Law

You never know when life may take a sudden turn leaving you to realize how fragile it is and the importance of family and not taking anything for granted. I've been down this road myself and today we had another family scare.

This morning, we received a call from my mother in law that my husband's father was being rushed to the hospital and all she could get out was "it's his heart". We soon found out that he had suffered a heart attack and his heart had taken a pretty big blow due to some blockage in the major artery to the heart. He is in ICU now being observed now because they told us that's the worst artery to have blockage in.

We feel that this morning God was watching over him. He normally gets up very very early to head out fishing on the open ocean for a few hours before heading to work. Had he been at work or fishing, we would have probably lost him. Instead, he slept in this morning and his family was there to call 911.

Please keep him in your prayers. And please give your children, husband, significant other an/or parents a hug and tell them that you love them. Please also remember that the special moments we share with our loved ones and the moments captured in time are some of life's greatest gifts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please Stay Safe - Updated

To all of our clients and friends, please stay safe while Fay makes her way through our area.

Due to the weather, our studio will be closed on Thursday and Friday, August 21 & 22.

Be safe!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Studio Closed August 23-27

Our studio will be closed on August 23-27 as we'll be attending the Florida Professional Photographers conference in Orlando! The studio will reopen on August 28th.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Considering Professional Newborn Photography

One of the most special days in your life is the day that you found out that your family would grow by two little feet. In the nine months following, there is so much to do and so much to experience. It is amazing time, watching the belly grow, listening to the sound of the baby's heartbeat, seeing a glimpse of your new baby during an ultrasound, feeling those little flutters which all too soon turn into frequent kicking from this tiny little person, setting up a nursery that will welcome your newborn infant home, shopping for those tiny little outfits that seem oh so small, interviewing pediatricians, and the list goes on!

While it seems that your pregnancy will never end, before you know it, your newborn baby will be placed gently in your arms for you to meet face to face for the very first time. What an amazing moment. Whether this is your first child or fourth, this amazing feeling is still the same. There is nothing in this world like it.

Your newborn baby will change so much and so quickly in just the first few weeks of life, never again to be seen as this new, fragile little person. Those tiny hands, the fuzzy hairline, the tiny wrinkles, the precious little nose, those perfect little feet that just days before were kicking non-stop...these will all change in the blink of an eye. The only memories of this time will soon fade as she grows unless you have chosen to have your newborn baby photographed during his first days of life. Photographs of how tiny she was, of the new bonds forming between you as parents and your precious baby, of the discovery of a new sibling, are these fleeting moments captured for you to reflect on for a lifetime.

While you may certainly choose have your newborn photographed at a chain store "studio", you will receive a more personal, customized and thorough session by working with a custom professional photographer.

A custom professional photographer who specializes in newborn, baby and infant photography, normally dedicates anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for your newborn photography session as they know that an infant will need to be changed, fed, and even cuddled to calm her at times in between the clicks of the shutter. There is no stress, no hurrying, it's relaxed. When the atmosphere surrounding baby is relaxed, your baby will be relaxed which will show in the photographs the are captured. The majority of professional newborn photographers will encourage mom and dad, as well as siblings to participate in the session. And while mom may not feel like she's back to herself, the photographer should take that into consideration when setting up poses in which mom is a part of.

What do you need to look for in a newborn photographer?

First, look at their portfolio and determine if their style reflects the type of photography that you prefer. If the style is entirely different than what you like, you probably won't be satisfied with the resulting images. You should also pay attention to the details in the photography in the photographer's portfolio. Do the eyes have light in them (catchlights) - therefore avoiding the "dead" eye look, are the images in focus, do the subjects in the photographs stand out (from the background or other distractions), and do they appear three dimensional rather than two dimensional. A professional photographer who has taken the time to invest in education knows how to correctly control the lighting to create a three dimensional effect as well as flatter the subject with the correct type of lighting. Also you may consider checking to see if they're a member of any professional organizations, the Professional Photographers of America, state affiliations, regional affiliations and local affiliations. This simply means that the photographer has a desire to learn from and improve upon his or her skill as a photographer, and is not just a "weekend warrior" who happens to have a digital camera.

When you speak with the photographer, does the photographer seemed rushed or is she taking the time to get to know you and what you're looking for? A newborn baby photographer should demonstrate a caring demeanor and a lot of patience as newborns are so unpredictable and sometimes it take some time to get the necessary images. Does the photographer provide other products, such as custom birth announcements or albums? Do they guarantee their work? Make a list of questions to ask the photographer to help you select the one that is right for you.

Once you select the right photographer for you, it's time to schedule the session for your infant. It is best to contact the photographer you have selected prior to your delivery so that they can pencil in a date on their schedule that coincides with your due date. If the baby comes earlier or later, just contact the photographer and let her know. Morning and afternoon sessions are best for a new baby. To ensure the best newborn photographs, schedule your session within the first two weeks of the baby's life. During these first days, the baby is more flexible and the photographer is able to capture the newborn curled poses more easily. After about two weeks, they lose a lot of the flexibility making it more difficult to curl as a new newborn would.

Your baby will only be a newborn once in her life, so don't trust just anyone with capturing these moments for a lifetime of reflection and memories. While you will pay more for a custom professional photographer, the experience is much worth it, and that's something that a chain store studio or weekend warrior just can't provide.

Keely Deuschle is certified Jacksonville and Orange Park area professional photographer who specializes in fine art newborn photography.

The above article is the first of a series of articles I'm writing on maternity and newborn photography.