Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Operation: Love ReUnited

Mikkean Photography proudly announces their support and involvement with Operation: Love ReUnited. Jacksonville and it's surrounding areas is home to many military families who are attached to either NAS Jacksonville, NS Mayport and NSB Kings Bay, GA and this is our way of saying Thank You to the military. A limited number of sessions are available.

If you have ever been through a military deployment, there are no words to explain how hard it is to send the father or mother of your children off to some foreign, dangerous land, leaving you all behind…. Alone. It’s indescribable to watch their faces light up as their mother or father comes up the stairs of the airport after months, possibly a year or more, of not hugging each other. Emotions fly through the main lobby, it’s so very good to have them home. Your base’s Family Support Squadron will help you with your deployment. But the last thing on your mind when your wife or husband arrives home after a 4 to 18 month tour, is capturing all this love– on film. Most people are so overwhelmed with emotions they forget to simply point and shoot the camera they are grasping of their child’s first hug, or that single tear of relief from a mother being able to hold her twenty year old son again. With the help of Operation: Love ReUnited and local photographers near your base, you can.

The Operation helps those long months go by a little faster. It’s designed to capture moments that you will never remember. It’s art. It’s love. And it’s all made possible by artists wanting to give something back to those who make the United States what it is, and ask for nothing in return- but to come home.

If you are a member of the United States Military, and are interested in having very special and touching images with a patriotic edge taken of you and/or your family before a deployment or during, and at your reunion, please contact Mikkean Photography now.

In addition to the complementary session, you will receive one (1) 4x6 album of pre-deployment images, such as a child’s hand clasped in his parent’s with the faint glimpse of a BDU sleeve, a marine in dress with his family, a salior with his parents right before departure, or a child playing dress up in combat boots and a helmet. The album will be sent directly to the deployed soldier by our studio.

About Pre-Deployment & Deployment Sessions:
OpLove Pre-Deployment & Deployment sessions help you say goodbye and cope with being away. Anyone who has had to see their husband or wife, son, daughter, sister or brother off to war knows how hard it is to watch them walk away from you. Our studio volunteers to capture these emotions. We feel your pain, having been a military spouse and family member myself. We want to listen, help ease your worries, and want to do what we can to help you through this deployment, and we do that with our photography. Your initial session will be either with the your spouse before he or she deploys dressed in their dress uniform or BDUs for most of the session, or if you find OpLove after your loved one has deployed, your session will be done without your loved one keeping a patriotic theme that could include dress, hats, BDUs, boots and other military gear, but they will still experience all the love & benefits that OpLove has to offer.

About Returning Sessions:
When your loved one comes home from a deployment, the last thought on your mind will be your camera. Most people are so overwhelmed with emotions, they simply forget they are holding it in their hand. Once you find out about the time your loved one is to return from his or her deployment, please let Mikkean Photography know. We will want to accompany your family to the welcoming home of your spouse or loved one, and capture that first glimpse, that first embrace, and all the love that surrounds every person who walks off that plane, into their families arms.

**Please note that orders may be requested. Pre-deployment sessions in which the deploying spouse is participating, should include their military uniform, dress or BDUs, being worn for most of the session. Some images may be taken in civilian clothes but please understand that this program does not focus on traditional family portraiture. If an OpLove session takes place and the spouse has already been deployed, the session should keep a patriotic theme including military gear such as hats, uniforms, boots, etc. A model release must be completed at the time of the session.

No purchase is required. If you would like images in addition to the complementary 4x6 album for the deployed soldier, they will be available for purchase.

If you have additional questions, please contact Mikkean Photography or visit www.oplove.org

Fun for Kids - Tunnelz N' Tumblez

We were invited to a birthday party last weekend and discovered a fun place for kids to play that is not nearly as hectic as Chuck E Cheese (and much cleaner, too). It's called Tunnelz N' Tumblez and is located on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville. They have a
a great climbing and sliding area, a really cool 9-hole indoor pirate themed miniature golf with the walls painted with phosphorescent paint and lit with black light, a laser tag area for the older kids, and a snack bar which you can order pizza and more.

This seems to be for children about two years of age or older. Parents ARE able to climb in the tunnels, too!

For more information and directions, visit their website at: www.tunnelzntumblez.com/

P.S. If you live in St. Augustine, there's a location in the St. Augustine South area!

Fun for Kids and Families

Mikkean Photography is all about family and children and we want to share with you some family and kid friendly activities and places that you might enjoy in and around the Orange Park, Flemming Island, Jacksonville and St. Augustine area! We will only recommend those of which we have first hand experience with and recommend! If you have a recommendation that you'd like us to check out, please drop us a line and let us know!