Sunday, July 29, 2007

Catalog Shoot for Bull Wear Clothing Company

Yesterday was a very busy, but very fun day! It was part one of the photo shoot for Bull Wear Clothing Company's inaugural catalog. Bright and early in the morning, the owners and I drove from Jacksonville to Hastings, FL, to the Big Horse Ranch -- the setting for the shoot.

In the week prior to the shoot, I had storyboarded each set I was going to photograph so I could keep things moving along, especially because the first part of the day I'd be photographing two five year olds for the kids line of clothing. You really never know what to expect with the kids, and this time was no different! You just have to have patience and expect it to take longer than you had planned! One of the young models didn't want to do anything until the very last set. Mom and dad weren't too happy, but no harm was being done. Just a five year old being a five year old! I just kept clicking the shutter and got some great images in spite of it!

After lunch, it was time for just a few items in the adult line. Although I had to improvise a little due to a sudden downpour, I got everything I needed and we were back on the road before dinner.

The second part of the shoot will be a cross state trek in the next two weeks!