Monday, June 25, 2007

Model Brianna Ashley

What a busy weekend! Early Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to work with this beautiful young lady, Brianna Ashley. While it may not look it, this young lady is only 11, but is talented beyond her years. We shot this at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Grounds in Jacksonville. No one, except for Barney the Dog and his owner were there. Even Barney got to take part in the photoshoot! He was quite the ham! Thanks Brianna!!! Looking forward to the next time!

If you have any modeling opportunities for Miss Brianna, please contact me and I'll pass them on to her mom!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Model Tara Danielle

Last evening, I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful young model, Tara Danielle. Not only is she a natural at modeling, but she's also a very talented make-up artist. We had a blast and got some awesome photos. One of both of our favorites is the black and white one above. OMP loved it, too, and awarded it a showcase! Way to go Tara!! Thanks Tara for a great time! Can't wait 'til next time!